Prepare for the interview

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Before the interview:

  • Test your internet connection
  • Test your recording capabilities 
  • Prepare and practice questions
  • Prepare notepad for taking notes
  • Eliminate any distractions or noise

During the interview, remember to keep the following things in mind:

  • Adopt a beginner’s mindset – don’t assume any knowledge or understanding of the situation. Let the interviewee guide you into their world
  • Take notes on the important things that come to your mind during the interview
  • Clarify any answers you feel you didn’t fully grasp 
  • Observe your interviewee’s facial expression, tone of voice, body language. Try to deduct how they feel and what their non-verbal communication could mean
  • Ask one question at a time and listen empathetically

After the interview:

  • Take any additional notes, observations and conclusions right after the interview, as they are fresh
  • Try to summarize the most important insights 
  • Make sure to secure the recording in a safe place to avoid data privacy and security breach. You are responsible for making sure your interviewee’s data is secure.