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As you learned how to pay full attention to one thing, you also noticed that mental chatter is something always present in your head. You learned how to cultivate a new, more compassionate attitude towards yourself and observe non-judgementally what is happening in your head at the present moment. You realized that the chatter in your head makes your senses less receptive to the world, but you also worked on awakening them and reconnecting to your body.

mindfulness exercises

This course concentrates on breathing techniques, which are central to mindfulness meditation practice. Nevertheless, before you start your sitting meditation in the next course, you will get more comfortable with observing your breathing.

Here you learn yogic breathing techniques, called Pranayama, which engage your brain a bit more intensely than concentrating on the breath in mindfulness meditation.

There are many ways how Pranayama can be beneficial, and its many types stimulate you in every time with a different outcome.