Lie down flat on your spine, place your hands alongside the body and let your feet fall apart naturally. Take a moment to settle in, taking a few deep breaths. Try to stay awake throughout the practice, you can fall asleep after you are done. As you will be tensing a muscle group, try to isolate the tension not to bring it to the surrounding area. You may feel slight discomfort and effort while keeping the tension which could cause you to shake.

Start with your left foot. On a deep inhale curl your toes and activate all the muscles you can feel in your foot. Maintain deep steady breathing and hold the engagement for about 5 seconds. On the exhale let all the tension go and notice how any tightness in the foot areas dissolves. Breathe deeply while noticing the relaxation. 

On the next deep inhale, curl the toes of your right foot and hold the tension for 5 seconds. Release it on the exhale and settle into the relaxation, noticing how all the tightness dissolves. Now, on the inhale move to your left calf and tense all the muscles there by pulling the toes towards you. After 5 seconds release the muscles with the exhale and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. With the next inhale, do the same with your right foot, tensing the muscles in the calf area. Release with the exhale after 5 seconds and notice the relaxation.

On the inhale, squeeze your left thigh and quads (on top and inside the upper leg). After holding it release gently with the exhale. Notice the feeling of relaxation. With the next inhale, repeat the same with your right leg, tensing on the inhale and then relaxing on the exhale. 

Now, inhale and clench your left fist. Engage all the muscles and hold the clinch, to release on the exhale. Repeat the same on the other side, clenching slowly on the inhale your right fist and releasing the tension after 5 seconds with the exhale. Now, on the next inhale tense your left bicep and shoulder muscle, hold it and release on the exhale. After enjoying the relaxation here, take another deep breath tensing the right upper arm. Release the tension with the exhale.

On the next inhale, squeeze both of your buttocks, by pulling them together. Release the tension with the exhale. Move up to your stomach and tense the muscles in this area on the inhale. After holding for 5 seconds, release gently. 

Now, on the next inhale tense all the muscles on your face – your eyes, lips, chicks, forehead, and chin. Hold the muscle engagement for 5 seconds before releasing it with the exhale. Take a moment to notice deep relaxation of all the muscles in your body. Observe the difference in how your body feels before you squeeze the muscle and after. Let this feeling of relaxation sink in. When you are ready, open your eyes.

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