Plants for Life

A study published in 2015 in Korea[1] compared the effect of working on a computer and doing a gardening task to find out that the latter contributed to the feeling of satisfaction, reduced work-related stress by soothing sympathetic nervous system and even lowered blood pressure. Many more studies confirm that the presence of plants in the office increases productivity and work satisfaction, mainly by having a positive psychological effect, which translates into physiological health.  

Whereas the effect of greenery in the work environment involved young and middle-aged population, other studies prove that plants are beneficial for all ages. One research tested the feeling of control which elderly gained when they were asked to care for a plant[2]. It was shown that when lonely elderly gained a sense of this small responsibility, their happiness levels increased, life satisfaction improved and in effect the group which was given the task of a plant care went on to live longer than the group which just had a plant in their room, but was not asked to care for it. 

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Having plants or growing own garden indoors has much more benefits. People who care for their own vegetables have lower cortisol levels and feel a better connection to food. They naturally increase their environmental mindfulness and transform their outlook on life. It is also a great hobby that creates a truly meaningful trait in your lifestyle and allows you to spend time more purposely.

On top of happiness, lower stress and longevity, caring for plants also increases one’s feeling of gratitude, which adds to the compound benefit of gardening. Whether you think that you have a green thumb or not, try to experiment with growing something at home. The positive effects that you can experience way outgrow the time investment. 

You can start a process from scratch by planting a seed. You don’t even need to buy seeds, just use of the seeds from an organic vegetable that you get in the store (tomato, zucchini, cucumber, etc.). You can also learn more about hydroponics, which is a space-efficient indoor and outdoor gardening. Or you can get a small plant, which is easy to care for (for starters) and learn about ensuring its growth and flourishing.   



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