Photovoltaic Systems

Solar panels installed on roofs of the houses, as well as solar charging stations, use photovoltaic (PV) solar panels which capture the light and convert it into energy. These panels contain photovoltaic cells which produce electricity, when a stream of protons delivered with the sunlight pushes the electrons and makes them move, generating electricity. The electrical stream is basically the movement of electrons in a wire.

how photovoltaic systems work

PV panels have significantly dropped in price in recent years, and further drop is expected. In many residential areas, when you install solar panels on your roof and use less electricity than is produced by this panel, you may be eligible to sell the excess power back to the grid or even store some in the chargeable electric car battery. With more importance given to renewable energy sources, it becomes cheaper and easier to install your own solution, and maybe even get a subsidy.

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