Perspective and curiosity

As you notice how thoughts change, you also look at the same things with a different perspective. You come to the realization that thoughts are not facts, but merely interpretation that your brain assigns to the information it receives from the outside. The more you can detach from your thoughts, the less you are susceptible to one-sided interpretation. You take nothing for granted as you hear it because you understand that what gets into your ears, gets processed by your brain and delivered to you as thoughts. If the brain interprets something in the wrong way – you should be alert to spot it, because it won’t know and the thoughts would not be labeled as “possibly incorrect” as they come to you.

The most importantly, the more you meditate and learn to observe your thoughts with curiosity, not trying to chase them away, but not inviting them to interact with you either, you notice that they start to disappear faster. The more space you give to your thoughts to simply be in the lounge, the less they complain about bad customer service, and simply leave the lounge as soon as they come in. 

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