Personal Environmental Mindfulness

The collective mindset of stopping climate change is not here yet and probably will only appear until after it is too late for our planet to survive as a fit for any forms of life. However, we can at least slow down the rate of global warming by becoming mindful of our own contribution.

Become more mindful of the environment and educate yourself on what is happening with the place you live in. No one is immune, and there’s a high chance that the current generation may see the doomsday of the earth if no significant changes take place in the coming 5-10 years.

In our Sustainability Program the issue is explained comprehensively together with actions we can take and effects of the inactivity. You can also widen your interest spectrum and start paying more attention to publications and news on the topic to get engaged mindfully into your environment. Into our habitat.

Some of the immediate actions you can take: 

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