Personal choice or sustainable decision

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Children born today will not experience the world the same way as we do. They won’t get to know as many species and wonders of the world, they will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, and they will suffer more illnesses due to superbugs, nutrients deficiency, and environmental contamination. Many argue that these kids could be part of the solution that we need when they grow up. But we need to think if we wait for so long in inaction before they grow up, would there be anything left to solve?

Many millennial women are now going on a birth strike to rebel against controversy and silence around the topic. It may be painful to discuss such a personal choice publicly, especially as it is seen as a violation of basic human rights, but by having an open conversation about this, we can come up with a better solution. Swiping it under the carpet will not benefit the future of any life on the planet.    

To preserve an ethical approach, we should leave the decision on family planning as a personal choice. But we also need to educate people about what is behind this choice and give them a future-looking perspective. Maybe we do not need to choose voluntary childlessness but restore to having fewer children. Or maybe, when we find a way to consume more sustainably, we do not need to consider this choice at all. Open debate and joint social innovation are what will help us, hence we need to open up to this topic.

See how members of the Birth Strike reason their decisions: