Personal Actions

What can you, as an individual, do with regards to SDG 8?

First of all, be more mindful of the origin of the products you consume. Extremely low price could mean that the workers who made the product may not be treated fairly and paid what they deserve. The product could also be done by children. Check what practices the companies engage in and only buy from the ethical corporations.

Support women and young leaders in the workforce. Women are still being underpaid, discriminated, or refused employment based on their gender. Often, they are even discriminated by other women, who are higher in the hierarchy. Do not approve such behaviors and stand in defense of women in the workforce.

Young people are the future leaders. Whereas older generations created consumerism as a lifestyle and made the planet suffer, the current generation of millennials and Gen Z entering the workforce have much different attitudes. You are the hope for saving the Earth, and you need opportunities to become the leaders the planet and societies need you to be.

If you are an aspiring leader yourself – make sure your leadership style reconciles with the needs of the world. Invest in your education and development and train your soft skills to have a mindset of winning for all – people, planet, and profit for the company in a sustainable way.

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