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Take a mental note that saving the planet is an act for humanity, among others. Think about friendly ways are to spark more interest in the topic in your local communities and workplace. When you adopt the extremist approach, chances are you won’t be taken seriously. You may even lose your job, friends, or family members. Leading by example, is always the best. You can enhance it with education, accepting attitude and mindfulness to make it impactful.

One of the ideas is to organize social gathering around this topic and make it fun. You can think of a quiz night where you would reveal some eye-opening information which your friends are not aware of or a competition. You may talk to your HR department on the importance of climate education of the employees, highlighting that this would also increase work satisfaction, employees’ morale, productivity, CSR profile of the company and as a result its profits.

However, don’t get discouraged when your initiatives do not pick up on a bigger scale. Look for volunteering projects, such as beach, forest or park cleaning, planting of the trees or trips to the local, sustainable practices farms. Ask one or two friends join you, they may change their view on the topic after such an event. And you will build better connection during such activities, let alone meet new friends, who share an interest in climate change.

Always be compassionate and friendly. Avoid getting engaged in extreme movements or organizations that seek to convert climate change non-believers with force and intimidation. We are all humans, and everyone deserves respect. Let’s make our planet a better place to live by the inspiring attitude to for a better person to be. Social Awareness is the first step in here.

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