Opportunities come with risks

Landfill gas, however, does not only contain methane and carbon dioxide. It contains many toxic substances which get into the atmosphere when this gas is burned.

To ensure cleaner energy from waste, we need to have “cleaner” waste and adequate segregation of organic matter. At the moment, this isn’t feasible on a larger scale.

Whereas some developed countries use technology which helps to filter the gas, developing countries can’t afford landfill gas collection systems at all, or have poor landfill management allowing all possible toxins to get to the atmosphere.

To reduce the negative effect of landfills on global warming caused by greenhouse gases, we need to manage our waste better and minimize it. You already know that you can use organic waste for composting, this is one great solution. Another is carefully segregating waste and avoiding waste, which can be a source of toxins to mix with organic waste.

Before all, reducing the amount of waste we generate with careful food planning and consumption is the way forward. Globally, many people die from malnutrition and food insecurity, whereas many households throw kilograms of food that could be redistributed before expiry to the needy.

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