Nuclear power is a relatively inexpensive source of energy with a negligible carbon footprint. However, as promising as this solution could be, there are ethical and safety considerations that should be accounted for. First of all, the atomic bomb threat is one of the biggest dangers that nuclear power brings. With shaky politics, this power may be used against humanity as opposed to in its favor. Even in countries with stable regimens, we can’t be entirely sure nuclear power won’t get to the wrong hands.

nuclear power renewable energy source

Moreover, as relatively recent historical events show, without a nuclear bomb, nuclear power stations can cause uncounted damage. We can still see the damaging consequences of the Chernobyl accident in 1986, as well as a more recent catastrophe of Fukushima’s 2011 reactors melting. One was caused by human error and faulty design, whereas the latter by natural disaster. Therefore, this type of energy is probably not the solution that we want to consider. 

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