Notice your habits

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The first step to breaking a bad habit is to become aware of it

New habits that you should concentrate on building will be of two types – lifestyle and learning. In a way, learning is involved in any habit creation. It is through learning and repetition that neurons get wired and strengthen in your brain.

As you will be going through the program, take notes of all the habits you should implement. It is crucial that you write them down because putting something on paper creates self-commitment and subconscious pressure, like a promise you gave to yourself. This will help you to improve faster and easier.

Start working on all of the habits simultaneously is not a good strategy.

You will exhaust your willpower and end up where you’ve started. First, concentrate on replacing bad habits. For each bad habit you will identify, choose a habit that is suitable to replace with.

For example, you have a habit of depriving yourself of sleep, staying up late and being tired in the morning. As you will be eliminating this habit, introduce a new habit of having a regular evening routine – without technology and setting you the best for a good night recovery. As you will be consistent with having your bedtime routine for a couple of weeks, it will get into a habit. You will also re-direct your attention from getting more hours to sleep to making sure you are well prepared for your rest.