Not only environment suffers from Palm Oil industry

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Indonesia uses the slash-and-burn technique to clear the lands for planting palm oil trees, which is faster and cheaper (for farmers and industries, not for the environment). Because of the conditions which promote high flammability, the fires often get out of control, burning such a vast area, that pollution reaches even Thailand. Two primary locations in Indonesia when the burning takes place are Sumatra island and Borneo, which Indonesia shares with Malaysia and Brunei.

Burning is caused by a lack of substantial regulations, high levels of corruption and illegal actions. It impacts wildlife and nearby nations. It, first of all, pushes native indigenous communities out of their original locations, occupied for land use purposes. One of the aboriginal communities in Borneo, Penan tribe, is known for protecting the rainforests from vandalism and burning by blocking roads. They actually saved a lot of trees with their actions, which is to defend the forests where they live in peace with nature.