Nadi Shodhana

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Sit comfortably, either cross-legged or on a chair. Place your hands conveniently on your thighs. Ensure your spine is straight as if someone is pulling you from the top of your head. While keeping your spine straight, relax the rest of the body. Any time during the practice you feel like suffocating or another type of worrying discomfort, discontinue the activity and return to your normal breath. If you have respiratory problems or illness, you should not practice this pranayama and do breath awareness or diaphragmatic breathing instead.

Close your eyes and start shifting your awareness inside. Breathe at a normal rate through both nostrils with diaphragmatic breathing. Follow your breath on the inhale and notice how your belly rises. On the exhale, follow your breath as it leaves and notice how does belly fall. We are starting Nadi Shodhana pranayama now. Place your right hand in Nasagra or Vishnu mudra and take a full deep breath and exhale. 

Bring your hand to the nose and press your thumb lightly on the right nostril, to block the air passage. Slowly inhale through your left nostril in a controlled manner, counting the lengths of your breath. After the inhale, block your left nostril and open the right one, to exhale through the other side. Exhale in a controlled manner, on the same count as you inhaled. 

Once you exhale the air fully, start your next inhale through the right nostril. After counting until 5, or the count you keep, gently press your right nostril and open the left one, to let the air out through it. This is one round. 

Continue alternate nostril breathing, inhaling through one nostril and exhaling through another. Repeat it for 10 cycles. You can use your left hand to keep the cycles count. Maintain a 1:1 ratio of the count. Continue breathing until you perform 10 full cycles.

After you finish the current full cycle and arrive at the full long exhale through the left nostril, you may rest your hand and sit for a moment in silence with your eyes closed. When you are ready, proceed to your meditation practice.