My first step

Below you can see the collection of all beverages where sugars may be lurking. I want you from today on, stop using any of the mentioned. I know, I know, it could be hard. But think to yourself this way – it’s only for the duration of this program. Only 4 weeks. After you complete the program, you are free to return (or slowly start adding back) sugar to your life. Under condition you still want it. But for now, just promise me you will be strong for the next 4 weeks. This is your first step towards transformation!

  1. Stop adding any sugar to your coffee, tea, and other beverages (table sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar – all of them). If you sweeten your drinks, it may seem like a huge change, you may feel that your beverages are tasteless or bitter, but that’s not true. Your taste buds got blocked by sugar and as soon as after one week you will rediscover the real richness of flavors of your tea and coffee. Ah, and sweetened condensed milk is out as well!
  2. Eliminate sodas and any carbonated drinks including Coca-Cola, Sprite and similar beverages. I know that sometimes it may feel like these are the only options to get refreshed in hot weather, but hey, sugars actually make you more thirsty! How about taking a bottle of a home-made fruit tea and adding some ice to it (but not sugars)? Water can also be delicious – cold, warm or flavored. Add fresh mint, basil, curry leaves or spices to make it taste different. 
  3. Resign from energy drinks (these are sugar loaded as well). For now, if you got used to after-workout isotonics, replace them with an apple. 
  4. Soft beverages: juices, ice teas and anything else you get in a bottle or a can, except for natural mineral water. Unless you can find organic, sugar-free drinks. You should also avoid “only natural sugars” labels. Natural sugars are still sugars, and at this point of time, you want to get all sugars from your drinks out! 

It is imperative to resign from these sugars and not to limit them. As I mentioned, I’m not asking you to commit for life, just treat it as a temporary shift. You need to get all the sugars out of the body, to “detox” it. You can always start adding sugars slowly back if you wish so, but for now, you first need to “reset” your system to make it functional.

Regular consumption of 1 teaspoon of cinnamon a day added to meals or drinks helps to reduce sugar ravings. 

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