More Walks, More Nature

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At the beginning of this program, I mentioned the healing power of nature, which is grounded in science and facts, proven by research and happy hikers. We are returning here to the topic of walks in nature, to remind you once again, how beneficial this could prove to be for your physical and mental health.

Climate Justice examples

More and more studies confirm that with the increase of digitization and the presence of technology in our homes, nature serves as a refuge for our brains and body and one of the most efficient ways to recharge. The recharge will be more impactful when you bring yourself as close to nature as possible.

You see, nature is a part of the same natural ecosystem as we are. We share much more with it than with manmade facilitation of modern life. We have the same origin, and this is what was our natural environment for centuries. Urbanization creates more and more distance between us and our natural living conditions, which finds its toll on mental health.

There are so many ways in which you can increase your interactions with nature, and you should do everything possible use them, for your own benefit. Whenever you take a walk to a nearby park, make sure that technology does not accompany you, or at least switch it off and make your time among greenery as present as possible. Similar to mindful eating, be with the plants with the whole of your awareness, in full. 

If you have a nice spot nearby, where you could go for a picnic or simply to enjoy a landscape, take this opportunity. You may want to try meditation in nature for a new kind of experience or even pranayama. The oxygenation that you get when surrounded by greenery helps you to clean your lungs from toxins, which makes it an excellent place for practicing controlled breathing and observing the sensations it gives you.

You can also practice gratitude in nature. It is such a perfect setting for any time of mindful activities! Eating, breathing, meditation, journaling, all could give you a higher sense of satisfaction. Environment even influences our focus, learning, and memory – so how about grabbing a book and getting your bike out to ride to the nearest park or another green area for a moment of relaxed and recharging me-time?