More is less

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You may have noticed the increase of non-profit business in the early months of the global coronavirus spread and lockdown. Non-profits can serve their beneficiaries when someone donates money, time, or goods and with the help of volunteers these are distributed to those who need help and support.

But to distribute the needed help, it first must be created. Most of the support from non-profits comes from financial donations by donors. People who want to improve other people’s lives or conditions of animals and the environment.


Now, imagine that there’s a limited pool of donors as well as funds which they can donate. When they have an easy choice of 5 causes, they can donate to the one which they personally feel more attraction to. But when they have hundreds of organizations asking for the donations to the same cause, not only they are less likely to donate to the one newly created, they are less likely to donate all together. This is something that is caused by the decision fatigue and the the paradox of choice