Mindfulness and stress

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Develop both, awareness of thoughts and body awareness, will help you to control your internal reactions the stress better. And whether it is A psychological stressor or a physical one, your reaction would improve reaction to both.

When you are tuned into your inner sensations, you can facilitate the homeostasis and restore the balance faster, avoiding the negative influence of the stressors that can accumulate and cause more dangerous outcomes.

Mindfulness helps you to create this much-needed awareness. As you become aware of physical sensations in your body, you return to the present moment – the very essence of mindfulness. You realize what is happening to you now, in this exact moment and can choose how to act instead of reacting.


Breathing techniques prove very beneficial in bringing more balance, because accelerated breath is one of the indicators of stress in the body. When you purposely slow it down using breathing techniques, you take control over your stress. Breathing takes up the whole next Mindfulness course, because it is such an important and wide-encompassing topic! So in the next course – Pranayama – you will have plenty of practice available!

Here, let’s concentrate on restoring your awareness of the body so that you can catch subtle signals that the stress is coming and stabilize your stress response.