Mindful eating

Take one of the raisins in your hand. Notice how does it feel, what sensations does your skin have when touching the raising. What is its texture? Is it hard or soft? How about the temperature? You may want close your eyes to concentrate on the touch experience more. 

Now, look at the raisin closely. Investigate it through the baby’s eyes, as if you see it for the first time. Notice any irregularities in its shape, tones of color it has, wrinkles in its skin, transparency of the outer layer. Turn it to see all sides of the raisin. Do you see any irregularities in its shape? 

Bring the raisin close to your nose. You can close your eyes while trying to notice as many notes of smell as possible. How would you describe the smell? Take a few rich inhales and notice every time a new scent that arises, a new type of experience the smelling brings you. Observe what is happening in your mouth and stomach as you smell the raisin. 

Bring the raisin to your lips. Touch it gently and observe what sensations arise when you feel the raisin with your lips. How does the texture feel? The warmth? Now, slowly place the raisin in your mouth, without biting it just yet. Observe any sensations that arise inside your mouth. Investigate the raisin with your tongue. Try to capture its texture, irregularities, softness or hardness of it again. Are there any taste sensations that you already experience?

When you are ready, take your first bite. Do it mindfully and slowly, even when it feels awkward. Notice what sensations do you experience? Is there any aftertaste? What happens in your mouth? Take your next bite, same slow and gently. Notice what happens to the shape of raisin, how does it change with each bite? Follow the taste which travels across your mouth and capture any subtle notes of flavors.

Chew the raisin until it is ready to be swallowed. Notice how the urge to swallow comes before you actually do this. Pause for a moment before you swallow and observe the feelings that arise. Swallow the raising when you are ready and follow with your consciousness its movement down your through. 

Take some time to sit with the experience before you repeat the exercise with the next two raisins. With each next raisin, start anew – notice how each of them is different and unique. You may observe, that each time the experience is more intense. 

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