Mental maps

Whenever information gets inside, the brain validates it before you consciously understand it. But the flaw in this process is our brain’s natural preference to accept only information which confirms existing thoughts and patterns and discard anything new, which contradicts the mental map, previously built. That’s how idea fixations are created, and you may be experiencing these fixations all the time, the ones that are harmful to you!

For example, you may believe that you are worthless because you got constructive feedback from your teachers about areas that you need to improve. You get affected and think that you can’t accomplish anything. This may be a result of strict upbringing and high expectations that your parents placed on you, creating a pressure to prove yourself constantly.

Your life then boils down to a struggle to get accepted, to prove your point and to show your worth. You do not see the information as it is – simple feedback, what gaps you have in your skills and how to improve them. This does not define your worthiness, it just highlights that we are all a work in progress. For the progress to happen, you need to know what you could improve.  But your brain doesn’t want to see it this way – it got used to thinking that if you are not the best – you are worthless.

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