Mental Fitness

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Mental processes that influence your daily life all originate in the brain – thoughts, emotions, awareness, sensations, creativity, imagination, innovation, ideas and even actions. Understanding how this organ works opens infinite doors of opportunities for you. Exercising mental fitness will help you increase your brain power and create so much more amazing things in your life. 

Now, even though the brain controls everything, it doesn’t mean that all the instructions are set in stone. You can control your brain and influence the outcomes of its work if you know it well and can use this knowledge to your advantage. To do this, you should be able to obtain information, understand it (to create knowledge) and use it in a beneficial way (knowledge application).  With this, we have arrived at a definition of intelligence – the ability to acquire, understand and apply knowledge. By increasing intelligence, you expand your brain boundaries, and our Brain Hacking courses help you to do so.

Intelligence is the ability to acquire, understand and apply knowledge.