Meditation improves your brain

Meditation is one of the most prominent practices that influence the brain’s plasticity in a very positive way. EEG brain images prove that brains of meditators are better interconnected and both brain hemispheres are more balanced. This means an improvement in both, your logical thinking and creativity as well as creating a stronger connection between both hemispheres which enables you to engage in lateral thinking and use logic and creativity simultaneously.

brain hacking for a teen

To learn more about the plastic nature of the brain and how to improve your intellect, change habits and build a healthier lifestyle with neuroplasticity, check our Brain Hacking program.

Neuroplasticity is important because it is our brain’s ability to adapt to changes. It actually happens by itself, without your engagement, but it may not always be positive. You build habits through neuroplasticity, and some of them are bad – so the brain does not discriminate, it just changes in response to repetition. But when you use self-directed neuroplasticity, you can actually pick and choose what to change in your brain. You guide your growth to help you adapt to the changes that affect you negatively.

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