Meditation and Neuroplasticity

It is a proven fact that meditation affects your brain plasticity – the ability of the brain rewire itself. After the emergence of neuroplasticity, it became obvious that people can change their habits, lifestyle, creativity, intelligence and even personality when they know how to work with their plasticity.

Working with the brain wiring, improving the communication pathways between the two brain hemispheres and developing each of the hemispheres in a balanced way are some of the most important areas in neuroscience and documented prerequisites to develop a healthy, sharp and smart brain. Improved brain plasticity not only gives one above average cognitive capacities. It also reverses and slows down many effects of aging, resulting in increased longevity.

Meditation is one of the most obvious methods which helps with neuroplasticity. These findings are confirmed by brain scans of experienced meditators and stats which show how the introduction of mindfulness in elderly care houses extends the life and its quality of people who started practicing it compared to control group. Which is to confirm, that ancient science, even though still not understood by modern medicine fully, works miracles! Whatever are the reasons you decided to take this mindfulness program, you can gain more benefits than you have expected.      

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