Managing chronic stress

For each type of stress, there will be different ways which are more effective to manage it and minimize the damage. In this topic we cover some of the possible ways to address chronic stress and mitigate its influence on your body.

This would be the most damaging if left ignored. If you think that you may have chronic stress (and its accompanying signs), you should start acting immediately to mitigate it. The best way is to calm your system down, which can be done by practicing meditation and relaxation techniques.

You won’t see the effects immediately, but why would you expect so? Chronic stress is the accumulation of prolonged exposure to a lot of small acute stress situations, and no magic wound would remove it all immediately. You should also apply meditation and relaxation techniques consistently to start seeing the results. Be patient, it does pay back!

Your immune is probably already very weak if you are in chronic stress, therefore you should pay more attention to your nutrition and support your body by delivering nourishing and depleted elements. Eating unhealthy food will create biological stress, which works 24/7.

Fortunately, most of the biological stress can be corrected by changing lifestyle and eating healthy. By being consistent in following the advice in the courses on Z Game Changers you are already on the right track towards improving your eating habits.  

What can help to elevate the harmful effect of stress on the body is relaxation, time off, physical exercise but also proper nutrition. People constantly living in stress are the most prone to lose nutritional components; therefore it is imperative to eat well and regularly to sustain energy.

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