Make use of this knowledge

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Be aware of this body-mind connection and use it to influence your mood. Smile has an immense power as well, especially at times when you don’t feel like having it. There’s even the whole new science of laugh therapy, when you forcefully smile, laugh and make goofy poses and faces. And it works miracles! People observe the massive change in their mood immediately! What a transformation with a simple smile!

When in ancient times the body-mind connection was observed, gurus just learned how everything is connected through observation and attention. But now, we have science stepping in that proves that the link is not imaginary or wishful thinking.

You are wired inside through the entire network of nerves that explain why you can affect the body with mind and mind with the body. So if you belong to these few who needs to have facts backing up any statement – check what does science have to say about the body-mind connection (hint – this is the topic of neuroplasticity, and you can explore it in detail in the courses on BrainPower).