Local vs Global

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Once you have a category which your potential enterprise will serve, it’s time to consider whether you want to help in this field locally or globally. We are not getting yet to a more specific cause, neither we are talking about your target market (aka customers). We are talking now about your beneficiaries – those who benefit from your help.

For example, if you live in a country very much affected by injustices and wrongdoings in your chosen earlier category, it could be just natural you want to help locally! Or maybe you travelled somewhere and got really affected by a situation of people/ animals / environment there? You could see something in a documentary that caught your attention. 

On the other hand, if you choose a global span – for the sake of an example let’s say reducing global hunger – you can still start by focusing on a small area. The difference is that when you decide from the beginning that you want to serve a specific location – choosing co-founders, team and volunteers for your venture would need to reflect this.

Imagine that you live in India and want to start helping there and later broaden your area of impact. You would look for people interested in helping India in the first place or at least not having preferences on the first location.

But if you team up with someone who has already local focus, let’s say on the Philippines, you can potentially get a lot of conflicts. Each of you would want to emphasize your respective location and you’d end up doing much less in any of them than a collective effort would bring. 

So think for a moment and decide – is your focus going to be local or global? If it’s local – what’s the specific location for you?

Write down for yourself the following information:

  • Reach – local or global?
  • If Local – what area?