Levels of Goals

There are two levels of goals you should set:

Long term 

This is the BIG goal that you would like to see as the end result. Before defining it, you should honestly answer this question: what do I want to achieve? Some of the examples can be healthy lifestyle, more energy, radiant skin, control over my life… you choose!

Short term 

This is a series of smaller goals, achieving each of which will bring you just a step closer to your big final goal. In setting them, it is useful to answer the following question: how am I going to achieve what I want? 

There are two more questions in between, which you will answer during the exercise of setting your own goals. Don’t worry, we’ll go through this together. 

Seeing your own progress is motivational. Especially short-term goals are the ones that will keep you going. Seeing the challenges that you set for yourself being ticked off one by one, day after day, creates a pleasant feeling and pride in being consequential. Therefore, grab your pen and journal, find a place where no one will disturb you, put some relaxing music on, burn some essential oils if you wish so, and let’s start creating your goals! 

Are you ready?

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