Levelling up

You learned two pranayamas in this course – Nadi Shodhana and Kapalbhati. Whereas the goal for Nadi Shodana is to get to slower breathing, Kapalbhati strives to accelerate the forceful exhales to the rate of around 1 per second as well as having more breaths in one go during the practice. But these two also have a different effect on your body, while one energizes you and creates wakefulness, another calms you down and helps to relax. 

You can practice both pranayamas – Kapalbhati in the morning and Nadi Shodhana in the evening, or in situations when you want to calm down. But if you choose only one, go for Nadi Shodhana, as it will help you to extend your breath. As you progress through next mindfulness courses, you will have 5 more practices of this pranayama, each is at the next level of advancement. 

Between the levels, you should practice every day, so that the progress to the next level is easy. Otherwise, the change will be too difficult for you to handle.  

In the last course in Mindfulness Program you will find a guide describing the practice progression to the levels beyond what is taught in these courses.

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