Mind Lab

During meditation, you become a scientist in the laboratory of your mind. You examine your inner experiences without feeling guilt, shame or embarrassment. This is a safe place, where things are the way they are, and you have this freedom to have a closer look at them, to understand them better.

Because we often demand too much from ourselves, we got used to self-criticism, judgment and negative self-talk, which all undermine our mental and physical wellness. We destroy ourselves at our own will! Meditation is like adopting precisely the opposite approach – is to look inside and ask “what is happening?”. It’s like taking a hand of a lost crying child and bringing her to her parents.

Meditation will feel differently to every single individual, hence searching for specific sensations does not make sense. There are formal practices to follow, but what arises inside from them is subject to each individual. Meditation will not always help to develop mindfulness. Many people proudly share that they meditate every day, yet they lack basic mindful approach to life. Pay attention to develop mindfulness which you can apply to your life, and do not mistake it as a 10-minute manifestation in the form of meditation.

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