It’s not a trend

Before we continue about discrimination, let’s get a few things straight. LGBTQ community are not people affected by illness (their sexual orientation is not a manifestation of illness). People with different sexual orientation have existed in ancient times, and perhaps even since the beginning of our species (but we have no documented evidence). However, social standards imposed a specific type of sexual relations as acceptable, and this was the reason LGBTQ people were suppressing their nature, or simply were not disclosing their sexual life. 

Now, people fight more for their rights and freedom of expression, including the LGBTQ community. These people unite together, celebrate themselves, and increase global awareness of others. Just see how powerful communities can be and how much people can achieve when they unite! And despite improving understanding that LGBTQ are great and fully functional people, in many cases extremely talented and hardworking, there is still a lot of hostility towards them.

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