Is there a solution?

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Increasing plastic pollution and environmental concerns triggered a search for new types of plastic, which can decompose. These are divided into two groups – biodegradable plastic and bioplastic. The former is made of traditionally used fossil fuels, with the addition of components that help them to break down, whereas the latter uses renewable biomass.

Both are more expensive to produce and often require special conditions to break down. Some of these “eco” plastic still needs to be recycled. There are many controversies around the topic of bioplastic, biodegradable and compostable plastic, with many claims that these could be as damaging to the environment as traditional plastic.

What’s the solution then? For now, only to reduce all the plastic as much as possible. The one that you can’t reduce – reuse it. Do not adopt a single-use mind. And only what what’s left after reducing and reusing – recycle. However, whether the plastic you use gets in fact, recycled, is out of your control. Hence, the focus comes back to reducing.