Is it really constant?

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In recent years there was a lot of controversy around IQ tests as well as demystifications about human intelligence overall. For example, the emerging science of neuroplasticity proves that intelligence is NOT constant throughout life, since we now know that the brain is capable of growing and producing new neurons (a process called neurogenesis), which was believed to be the factor deciding on how intelligent someone is.  

Moreover, if intelligence is to be unchanged throughout life, that would imply that all the skills tested should stay more or less constant for you. Let’s take verbal skills – if you work on it, read a lot of books, write a blog, take leadership and public speaking classes, do you really think that your verbal skills stay unchanged? What would then be the reason to take these courses, since you can’t really change your verbal skills?

Any skills measured by IQ tests can be developed, but the truth many people chose not to realize, is that it requires work and dedication.