Is it ethical?

GMO food is more of an ethical debate. The health hazards that these foods produce can’t be directly attributed to genetic altering, but to other factors, such as fertilizers use. In fact, most of the scientists and researchers conclude that most GMO foods are safe to consume, the conclusion made based on studies and lab tests.

Anti-GMO activists also have difficulties to soundly explain why they are anti-GMO, with the claims more grounded in uncertainty how the foods can affect people. 

Perhaps, more reasonable concerns with regards to GMO use are the development of seeds which can only be single-use, hence making corporations inventing them richer.

Farmers wouldn’t be able to re-grow the crops from the seeds developed by plants but would need to buy every time new seeds from the company. Other intentional manipulations in GMO crops can prove hazardous, however, the possibility of this happening is very low with companies becoming more and more aware of the damage that reputation risk can bring about.

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