Interview script


I’d love to help you design your questions, but for each specific customer group and a problem they face you need to come up with your own set of the relevant questions. So, let’s get down to this specific task now! Download the script outline from the topics materials sections and let’s start filling it in! 

Tip: read the resources attached to the lesson materials’ section to learn more and to design outstanding questions for a perfect interview insights! 

Good practices

  • Avoid close-ended questions (Yes/No), encourage stories. For example, “What do you think about…”
  • Ask them to describe their usual day in the context of your product (e.g. if that’s a sustainable toothbrush, you could ask “how is your morning routine looks like”)
  • Try to understand a context of the problem which your solution could help resolve (What are you looking for when selecting your toothbrush? What features do you value the most about online education? What do you feel would make this product more convenient for you to use? Etc.) 
  • Form neutral questions, without suggesting the preferred answer 
  • Remember about empathy when building your questions, avoid offending your interviews, take any cultural differences into account beforehand
  • Investigate their emotions “Do you mind sharing how do you feel when…”, “What do you feel about..”
  • When you notice that interviewee talks about obstacles or struggles they face, try to investigate deeper by asking “Why” questions to clarify. 


– I feel there’s not enough opportunities for me

– Why do you feel this way?

– because I can’t find the right and affordable education

– and why can’t you find it? Where have you been looking?

– I guess because I only search in my area

– and why do you mostly search in your area?

– because I never thought that some solutions would be available online

– and why do you think this is the case?

– maybe because I don’t know how to search for the specific programs I am interested in

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