Instant gratification

Availability of information and things on the click reduced your patience levels and the ability to delay gratification. You want a new book – click, click and it’s on the kindle. You want to check recent news – click, click, and here comes a list. Do you even remember times when you could only watch the news on TV at a specific time of the day?

When you want to get something, you can get it immediately, which causes an instant gratification and dopamine flooding your mind. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure and motivation, but also for addiction.

So, when you receive a reward, dopamine keeps you motivated. But when there’s no reward – you need to find ways to intrinsically motivate yourself (without external gratification) to continue going forward. You took up Mindfulness course for a reason – you expected to get a sort of reward from it, and you want it very soon. If you don’t get it in a period which is tolerable to you, you can get demotivated.

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