Human impact on CO2 in the atmosphere

plants burning fossil fuels

We need energy for almost anything we do nowadays, and this energy must come from somewhere. It is easy to burn coal to power plants to get energy. It is easy to pump petrol to drive your car to get from point A to point B. Airplanes use fuel to fly you to remote holiday destinations or business trips. And we use for this all readily available energy resources – fossil fuels.

Another source of increased CO2 in the atmosphere is agricultural practices still used in many areas, namely burning of forests (Brazil, Indonesia) and chemical fertilizers. It is easier to burn the fields to ashes after they are harvested than to prepare the soil manually. 

It is cheaper and more efficient to pump soil with chemicals than to use more natural ways of fertilizing, which do not kill all the insects and leave the crops vulnerable to them. So here is one more important change that we need – the change of mindset, which will place long-term sustainability and care for all lives above instant gratification and selfishness.

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