How to Tap

After you set your statement and rated the intensity of the feeling you have, you can initiate tapping. Repeat the statement three times, tapping your hand to signal that you are going to resolve an inner conflict in your mind. The point that you tap three times while repeating the statement is called Karate Chop. 

You then proceed to tapping 8 strategic points in your body with your fingertips, repeating the statement or its variation. The eight points make it one round. 

The strategic points are: 

  • eyebrow (near nose bridge)
  • eye side (near the temple)
  • under the eye
  • under the nose
  • the crease between chin and lip
  • the collarbone
  • under the arm
  • top of the head 

During the practice in the next topic of this lesson, I will be using a general statements related to the feelings that a difficult emotion may give. However, after you are more acquainted with the technique, you may use your own wording. It should come from the bottom of your heart and reflect on how you really feel and what thoughts arise when you experience the emotion you are tapping on.

During the first rounds of tapping, the statements which you will be saying are rather negative. They should show how you feel at the moment when this emotion comes, but while relaxing your body. You can think of it as acknowledging what thoughts visit you and what beliefs caused them. While using variations of sentences, make sure you add words “I feel” or “I think” to highlight that you are not stating the fact, but your reaction to a situation.

For example, when you didn’t get a good grade on an exam, and that makes you feel frustrated, as you believe you really deserved it with your hard work, you may feel worthless. Instead of tapping and repeating “I am worthless”, repeat “it makes me feel worthless”, “I have thoughts that I am incompetent.”  

The tapping should be repeated at least 5 times during the session, following the sequence in this exact order, however, the words may be modified to include as many associations that arise in your head as you please. After a few rounds of tapping, stop for a moment to evaluate how you feel – rate the intensity of the emotion now. Then, continue tapping, incorporating more positive statements until the thoughts and beliefs do not seem to cause such an intense emotional response anymore.

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