How to grow sustainably

So how can we ensure that we achieve sustainable economic growth worldwide without straining the resources of our planet? With all things continuing to unfold at the current rate, everyone will experience extreme food scarcity and harsh weather conditions. There is good news here – if we ensure that poorer nations have access to quality education, better living conditions, employment and as a result will see economic development, their rate of growth will slow down.


There’s a direct correlation between the birth rate and death rate. Death rates are high in poor countries because of financial struggles, food insecurity, and the absence of medical care. But the opposite is the case in the developed world. The higher birth rate is a basic gene line continuation instinct. Once people feel that their babies may not make it past five, they try to have more children, increasing the chance of survival of at least one of them. Hence, ensuring that less developed nations receive opportunities to prosper, which also includes education and equal rights, we automatically slow down our population growth.

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