How to deal with it?

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What can you do about the use of aircons when temperatures are sweltering outside? One solution is to use electric cooling fans and air circulators. This is also better for your health. But when you need to use A/C, here are some good practices to follow. Use A/C less often and minimize the difference between outdoor temperature and the one you set your aircon to.

The less is the difference, the less energy it takes to cool down the air and consequently the less your monthly bill is. 

When you have a huge temperature contrast after exiting a cooled room, you may cause a thermal shock to the body, and get sick as a consequence. Keep the door and windows of the cooled room closed, preventing cooling air from escaping and minimizing the amount of energy needed to fill the room with cold air.

It is estimated that reducing the difference between the outside temperature and aircon-cooled room by 1C can lower electricity units used by A/C by 3-5%.