How to deal with Eco-Deniers

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Humans intuitively long the feeling of belonging to a group, which would imply conformance with its values. Groups majorly dictate how we think and what we see by making a specific belief system seem the only possible one, because that’s how things have been viewed there before. But however difficult it may be, it is not impossible to modify such an outlook. 

Every group has at least one leader – a person who formally dictates the outline of actions and values. Many groups also have informal leaders who earn their respect with attitudes, actions, and knowledge. Transforming a community is easier from the top – by engaging one of these leaders (formal or informal one).

When you are in a community of eco-deniers, look for the leaders who would be easy to persuade. Help them to open their eyes on what is going on, show data, tell stories or simply ask them questions, how would they interpret particular events (such as extreme weather on the rise) without allowing global warming as a possibility.