How might we

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Once you are ready to start your Ideation stages (perhaps after a short warm-up and setting the right atmosphere), open your POV statement. Looking at the statement, think how could you phrase “How might we” questions to start idea generation.

For example, if the POV refers to lack of employment opportunities in your chosen community, you could try asking questions such as:

“How might we bring more employment opportunities into this community”

“How might we ensure development of small and medium business”

There no limit to what aspects you could cover, as long as they focus on the problem defined in POV. 

Some of the ideas on how you can structure the questions

  • Amplify good (how might we … [improving the current situation])
  • Explore opposites – one of the frequently used design thinking techniques is reverse questioning. Instead of focusing on the solution, focus on worsening the problem. For example – “How might we discourage educational equality in the chosen community”.

While this may seem odd, finding out what could make the situation worse may give you insights into how to design the solution which will eradicate the root cause. It is definitely a fun way to generate ideas!


  • Go through each of the “How might we” questions and ask every person on the team to answer it in turns
  • Time the answers and monitor that the team stays on the question asked without diverging into a different topic
  • Encourage bold and silly ideas, go for quantity
  • After a team member expresses their idea, ask them to write it down in your shared document, during the speech of the next team member
  • Repeat the process for all the questions