How meditation helps with stress

Meditation increases the left side of the prefrontal cortex, the part which is responsible for the emotional response and plays an active role in achieving the feeling of happiness. Some studies show that people who have higher density in this part of the brain (possible due to the neurogenesis – the growth of new neurons) can cope with the stress better, recover faster and get less affected by the stress.

Mindfulness works the best with the stressors, which are psychological in nature. But when you understand that some of the stress you create yourself – you should rather prevent it than work on your reaction. Some of these stressors are lifestyle-related, and no matter how well you respond to stress – they still affect you and by your own choice. These stressors are insufficient sleep, processed food, excess salt and sugar, trans fats, alcohol, smoking, and antibiotics.

All of this causes your body the same reaction as any other stress, and you start noticing accelerated heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing when you start paying attention to how your body reacts after any of the mentioned stressors are applied. 

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