How EFT works

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During tapping, your body achieves a relaxed state, while being exposed to the emotion and disempowering belief that could cause it. With this, you can evaluate this emotion calmly, with a sober mind, as the body sensations caused by the emotion subside due to relaxation. This is the exposure therapy element – you are being exposed to a fearful thought or belief in a controlled manner, which helps you to see that it is not as bad as you pictured it to be in your head. 

Source: Times of India

Even though there are various forms of tapping, helping with different conditions, here we concentrate on the method from the perspective of emotions which bring painful sensations and arise in response to disempowering beliefs. The belief and following it negative automatic thoughts are formed from past painful memories, so you are going to go back to them during the tapping.

You can already now start thinking of the emotion that you’d like to focus on, to prepare for the practice later in this lesson.