How to help without money

Here are a few ideas on how you can help without donating money

Volunteer to go to the poor regions for a project, such as building a school, teaching children, or engaging in other community building and education activities.

Increase awareness of those in your social circles. You can organize an action yourself, maybe even engaging your company. Be creative and proactive. 

Donate what you do not use – these shouldn’t be perishable goods or things you simply do not need anymore. You are dealing with other human beings, so you should ensure that what you donate is what they really in need of. Also, make sure the things you donate are in proper conditions and still usable. Make someone happier instead of merely ticking a donation box from your TO-DO list.

Support underprivileged locally. Whereas some people may live on more than US$1.9 a day, due to a higher cost of living in different countries, they may still be below the poverty line. Learn how can you help locally, do not pass by people who are homeless or try to make a living by selling their stuff on the street to buy food. Do not feel intimidated to offer them to pay for their groceries or simply buy them food without asking.

Learn more about the targets and indicators that UN monitors for SDG 1 – No poverty 

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