Healing, not medicating

A more natural response to pain is healing. Taking medicine to numb it or avoid it by distracting yourself will only pause the pain, which can return with double force. To heal the wound, the cause of the pain, you should get to its origin. Pause and think – what could be causing this pain? Is it a manifestation of emotional turmoil you are going through? Or maybe you overdid sugars which sent your insulin skyrocket, causing imbalances in the body? How about cutting down on sleep last night?

Look into your lifestyle – are there any things that you consciously do that out your body through suffering. Or is it unattended emotion, that you fail to acknowledge, which keeps nagging you and appears every time in a specific part of your body? Body awareness could be helpful to answer these questions. And once you realize what causes you pain or discomfort, you should start your healing process. Help your body to help you – change your lifestyle, face your emotions, stop running away, sit and talk with your pain as an adult. And give yourself some time to heal.

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