Have no expectations

The more you resist your sitting practice, the more you need it. When you still persist, is it through appreciation of the effects that you change your view on the matter. But the results won’t come without practice, they won’t magically appear overnight after a few times. There’s no instant gratification like the one you get from checking your Instagram likes. There’s a transformational process and your attitude is the starring role itself. What mindfulness gives you is training in your attitude, which actually results in positive changes.

However counterintuitive this may sound, you should be approaching mediation practice without expectations. On the one hand, you should believe in the benefits that it brings (these beliefs are not wishful thinking, they are confirmed by science), but on the other hand, you should not expect them. When you are waiting for something to happen during the practice, you only get more distracted, because this anticipation aggravates the boredom. When you expect nothing, you just sit and meditate, without waiting for something to come and without counting time when this will be over. You simply practice. 

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