Happiness and wellbeing

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Meditation significantly improves life quality and wellness. For example, cancer patients with terminal diagnosis report better life satisfaction when they meditate. Mindfulness which they achieve through meditation allows them to view each day they live as a blessing, a day longer, rather than a step closer to their death. They appreciate every moment and often go on to live longer than predicted, because of the power of the mind, which does not work against them in accelerating the final day. Life satisfaction is a powerful longevity incentive.

When you see that meditation can bring such dramatic results for people that experience so much suffering, imagine how it can improve life when it is done consistently when your life exposes you just to moderate stress, which nonetheless makes you feel miserable at times and at times takes away the willingness to live.

Meditation improves your:

  • health indicators (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing),
  • sleep quality,
  • mental wellness
  • and most of all, brings a feeling of bliss and satisfaction, letting you experience happiness and live longer.