Grow your brain with Z Game Changers

If you wish to increase your Multiple Intelligences even further, you may focus on some specifics through our other courses. 

Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence will further be developed with courses from Nutrition

Naturalistic, Moral and Interpersonal Intelligences can be found in our Environment courses

Intra-personal and Existential intelligences can be found in our Mindfulness courses. Intra-personal intelligence is also a part of each of Personal Development courses, as you have many introspective tasks to help you understand yourself better. 

Our BrainHacking courses incorporate all of the intelligences to some extent and covers other topics of intelligence, learning, memory and knowledge application.

Just filter the courses below to see what’s available and start learning!

career shift how to choose new path

Career Shift – how to choose your new path

Are you re-evaluating your work life? Looking for a fresh start with a more fulfilling job which is also in line with your values? Start exploring your dream career by better understanding yourself, setting your life goals and learning how you can translate that into building a career plan for the future.
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