Grounding, Centering, Earthing

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Grounding is often compared to centering, and both techniques are used in mindfulness and sports. Feeling the ground and your connection to the earth contributes to increase of your body awareness and can even restore the magnetic balance in your body when you do the exercise in direct contact with earth surface – on the soil, sand or mud. This is because the earth contains electrodes which interact with your skin once you have direct contact.

Next time you find yourself in nature, if the weather permits, take your shoes off and walk! You can also sit or stand with your eyes closed on teh ground.

Combine that is called Earthing (reconnecting to the earth) with visualization for a better effect. Pay attention to your overall body sensations and focus on the points of contact with the Earth.

Grounding is good for your body and for your mind and can take as short as one minute of concentrated focus to benefit you for the whole day!

When you do grounding more often, benefits cumulate and their positive influence stays with you longer.